by Jan D. Bastmeijer

These pages are on the cultivation and taxonomy of plants of the genus Cryptocoryne (Araceae)

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It took a quite long time to update the Crypts pages, partly caused by problems with the software and a lot of work with the plants. But now you have enough to read for a couple of weeks at least.
At the moment the Cryptocoryne scene is extremely busy, many new discoveries were made, waiting on a description. It looks that this new year will offer you a lot surprises. The most intriguing is the analysis of natural hybrids: everywhere where two of more species of Cryptocoryne grow, you may expect them - and they are there!
See also the new nurii-group!

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31 January 2016

In 2015 the new variety C. crispatula var. kubotae is described. This plant is rather well known in the aquascape hobby as 'C. tonkinensis' with - submerged - long and very narrow leaves (2 mm wide). It grows on the Khorat plains in NE Thailand. This change in name was necessary because of the type of var. tonkinensis proved to be different when recollected in northern Vietnam from the hitherto so named plant.

31 January 2016

In 2014 Jacobsen, Bogner, Orgaard and Van Du attended the meeting of the International Aroid Society in Hanoi, Vietnam. And of course they visited the type locality where Gagnepain in 1941 found a new plant which he describes as C. tonkinensis. Later revisions resulted in C. crispatula var. tonkinensis (see the Synonyms page). It turned out that Zhou Hang's collections in Southern China, formerly ascribed to var. flaccidifolia, were identical.

photo Zhou Hang

31 January 2016
A new variety is described : C. nurii var. raubensis. The plant is already known for a couple of years and proved to be a good aquarium plant. It comes from a limestone area in peninsula Malaysia where it grows together with C. affinis. The most amazing character is that the spathe may develop a long peduncle (up to 30 cm!) to keep it floating like a buoy at the water surface.
31 January 2016
Kettner described a new cultivar: C. nurii 'Platinum'. This plant is collected by K. Nakamoto (IL-19) on Lingga island, East of Sumatra and is in cultivation since 2009. Today the plant is distributed all over the world.
Besides the new name, it is the first time that the broad leaved plants from Sumatra and peninsular Malaysia with a typical nurii spathe have been regarded as so.
31 January 2016

A new variety: Cryptocoryne versteegii var. jayaensis is described in Willdenowia. This remarkable variety grows near Timika in Irian Jaya, Indonesia and has leaves which are totally different from var. versteegii.
It is also a story that took almost 15 years to have been completed!

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