Cryptocoryne nurii Furtado var. nurii

The plants from the Riau archipellago province of Sumatera: Bintan, Lingga and Singkep.

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Bintan island

Sasaki collected C. nurii var. nurii from Bintan, a small island S of Singapore...
coll. I-BISP
photo Sasaki
with a remarkable smooth limb of the spathe.
coll. I-BISP, cult. B932
photo Jacobsen
Nakamoto found a narrow leaved one...
coll. KN001, cult. B1396
with a surprising yellow limb.
coll. KN001, cult. B1396
Nakamoto also found this one...
coll. KN002, cult. B1397
... and this one.
coll. KN004, cult. B1399
... also with a smooth limb.
coll. ITP05, cult. B1294
In longitudinal section.
coll. ITP05, cult. B1294

Lingga island

Broad leaved plants with limbs in all shades from whitish to orange...
... dark red...
... yellow...
... red
no pic
More in red...
coll. IL-21, cult. B1347
... and orange. All to be found in one stream!
coll. IL-06, cult. B1259
Leaves broad, green to brownish, lower side pale green to red, smooth to bullate.
coll. IL-06, cult. B1259

Singkep island

no pic
no pic
For Singkep the same story as for Lingga.
coll. SNK-3, cult. B1335
The fresh openened spathe still upright.
coll. SNK-3, cult. B1335

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January 2016